A documentary about the Cariboo Gold Rush – past and present. Narrated by Mark Forsythe.

About W2R

Wilds to Riches is a documentary following characters who take great risks searching for gold in British Columbia’s Cariboo country – in the late-19th century and today.

Centered on the historical gold rush town of Barkerville, Wilds to Riches looks at both the miners who first opened this region to the world, and those who continue to prospect and mine during this modern gold rush.

With the price of gold reaching record dollars values per ounce, there is a gold rush once again bringing people to the Cariboo.  Wilds to Riches has been recording the happenings of this new rush since it began three years ago.

Gold mining in the Cariboo continues to turn out dramas that mirror the trials of the men and women who first came to this region and built British Columbia.

Wilds to Riches tells the stories of famous Barkerville characters through historical re-enactments, photographs, and interviews with historians and authors.  These stories intertwine with our contemporary narratives as today’s miners compare their modern experiences to those of the prospectors 150 years ago.

W2R Devlin Nuggets

Release date: July 6th, 2013 at 9:00 PM  | Network: CBC Television, British Columbia | Program: Absolutely Vancouver

Genre: Documentary | Studio: Wilds to Riches Productions Inc. | Directed by: Jacy Schindel and Patrick Curling

Written by: Lisa Johnson | Screenplay by: Lisa Johnson, Patrick Curling and Jacy Schindel

Narrated by: Mark Forsythe | Starring: Andrew Hamilton, James Douglas

Produced by: Patrick Curling, Jacy Schindel, Justin Booth and James Douglas


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